Selling Computers and Computer Hardware to us is as easy as...


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1. Get a Quote

Selling your computers or computer components to us is easy. Just select whether you will be selling a complete computer (desktop or laptop) or individual components (CPU, RAM, Hard Drives, etc.). If you are unsure of what computer you have or would like to have the components automatically populated instead of typing them all in then you can scan the computer or computer with the components you are trying to sell using our custom tool and it will enter everything for you. Once you send a request for quote a representative will send you an offer for your computer components and an ID number in 1-2 business days. This quote will be valid for 14 days.

Scan your computer

2. Ship It

If you accept the offer we send you then you can head to the Ship It page in order to print a shipping label using your ID number. We will heavily subsidize the shipping costs. No matter the weight or size of the system we will always provide a label to you for $4.99 digitally or $7.48 for a physical label. For an additional $4.99 We will ship you all packaging material required to ship your computer or computer components including boxes, anti-static bags, and bubble wrap. We will even help you organize a USPS pickup for $2.49 so you never have to leave your house.

If you do not wish to purchase a label or any other services through us then you may ship directly to

IT Connected

13135 Camino Ramillette

San Diego, CA 92128

3. Receive Payment

Payment will be sent via PayPal right away once we have agreed to a price. Please provide the email address associated with your PayPal account via email after accepting our quote. We may not pay through links. You must provide an email address. If your PayPal account is relatively new PayPal may put a hold on your payment. We have no power over this, but we can help expedite the review process by marking the item as received once we have the item and have been able to test it.