Making a Bootable Flash Drive

In order to flash BIOSes you frequently need to go outside of the your operating system because you cannot do a live flash. If this is the case then you will need a bootable environment in order to execute the BIOS flash. I will walk you through how to do this for a Dell system using their utility. First, you will have to download the Dell Diagnostic Deployment Package. Run this executable and then continue through the process it guides you through. After that has completed unzipping the files go to where you chose to extract it and select the "DIAGS" folder. Delete everything from this folder except for:

  • DellBIO.BIN

Now insert the USB Drive. Go back up one layer in the directory and click DDDP. Choose the install to USB Flash Drive option and then next time you boot up it will be bootable. On most Dell systems you can select the USB as the boot device by hitting F12 and selecting it from the list of boot items. If you are going to flash your BIOS with this then you will want to put the BIOS executable on the flash drive at the top level for easy access.

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