HPE Proliant DL80 G9


Max Ram Capacity: 1024GB(8 X 128GB LRDIMM) or 256GB(8 X 32GB RDIMM)

Processor Socket Count: 2

Compatible Processor Series: Dual E5-2600 V3/V4 or single E5-1600 V3/V4

Number of Ram Slots: 8

Hard Drive Bays: 4 3.5" Power Consumption Config: Dual E5-2650 v3's, 8 32GB DDR4 RDIMMs, 12 15K HDD's, 550W PSU

Power Consumption Idle: 138.73 Watts(Estimated cost of $121 at $.10/Kwh for a full year)

Power Consumption Load: 449.39 Watts(Estimated cost of $394 at $.10/Kwh for a full year)

BIOS Notes: Requires BIOS Revision 2.30 for 128GB LRDIMMs 2400MHz DIMMs require E5-2600 V4 or E5-1600 V4 E5-2600 V4 requires BIOS Revision 2.00 or newer E5-1600 V4 requires BIOS Revision 2.20 or newer

Proliant DL80 G9

The HPE Proliant Dl60 G9 is a 1U rackmount server which can come in a dual or single processor configuration. In a dual processor configuration, it can address up to 1TB of LRDIMMs(8 X 128GB) or 256GB of RDIMMs(8 X 32GB) with a maximum frequency of 2400MHz with a V4 processor or 2133MHz with a V3 processor. This server's processors options include the entire E5-2600 v3/v4 and E5-1600 v3/v4 lineup, but the E5-2600 v4's require BIOS revision 2.00 so it is worthwhile to double check before you try to install E5-2600 v4 processors. The E5-1600 v3/v4 series processors are limited to single processor configurations and the E5-1600 V4 requires BIOS revision 2.20 or newer in order to be addressed. Storage wise it can be equipped with up to 12 LFF 3.5" drives when configured without an optical drive or 8 LFF 3.5" drives when configured with an optical drive and it features up to 6 PCIe expansion slots with the correct risers. The base model comes with a 550W power supply but can be upgraded with a redundant 900W configuration.

You can expect for the system to consume 138.73 Watts at idle with a dual E5-2650 v3 configuration with 8 sticks of 32GB DDR4 RDIMM's, 12 300GB 15K SAS drives and the standard 550W power supply. At the national average of 10 cents per Kilowatt-hour it will cost roughly $121 to idle for one year. At full-load it is expected to take 449.39 watts and will cost roughly $394 to run for a full year.

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