HP DL20 G9

  • HPE Proliant DL20 G9

    RAM Type: DDR4 UDIMMs

    Max Ram Capacity: 64GB (4 x 16GB)

    Processor Socket Count: 1

    Compatible Processor Series: LGA 1151 Pentium, i3 or E3 1200 v5/v6

    Number of Ram Slots: 4

    Hard Drive Bays: 2 3.5" or 4 2.5"

    Power Consumption Config: E3-1220 v5's, 16GB DDR4 , 1 15K HDD, 900W PSU, Nvidia K2200

    Power Consumption Idle: 47.65 Watts(Estimated cost of $42 at $.10/Kwh for a full year)

    Power Consumption Load: 186.4 Watts(Estimated cost of $163 at $.10/Kwh for a full year)

    BIOS Notes: No BIOS updates change compatibility for core components. Many bug fixes are introduced

    HP DL20 G9

    The HPE Proliant DL20 G9 is a very compact 1U system that can fit 64GB DDR4 UDIMMs in a 4x16GB configuration and can accept a wide range of processors including LGA 1151 Pentium, i3 or E3 1200 v5/v6's. This system can fit 2 3.5" hard drives or 4 2.5" SSD's or SFF hard drives. There have not been any updates that significantly change the compatibility of core components. When equipped with the correct options it may be installed with a GPU. HPE currently offers NVIDIA M2000 support. It features two PCIe slots. One is half height half length while the other is half length full height. It comes with 2 storage controller options. Entry Models feature a HPE Dynamic Smart Array B140i Controller, Base Models: HPE Dynamic Smart Array B140i Controller and Performance Models: HPE H240 FIO Smart Host Bus Adapter. The B140i provides support for 4 SATA drives at 6Gb/s and RAID 0,1 and 5 while the H240 supports 4 SAS/SATA drives at 12Gb/s with RAID 0, 1, and 5 also supported. It comes standard with a 290W FIO power supply or 900W AC 240V redundant power supply. Redundant power supplies only support in the (2.5")SFF configuration.

    A configuration with an E3-1220 v5, 16GB DDR4, 1 X 300GB 15K 3.5" hard drive, NVIDIA K2200 and the 900W power supply options pulls 47.65W at idle and 186.4W at max load. This would cost roughly $42 to idle 24/7 at the national average of 10.02 cents per Kilowatthour or $163 to run at full load.

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