Dell PowerEdge R930


Max Ram Capacity: RDIMMs: 6TB(32GB dual rank DIMMs), LRDIMMs: 12TB (128GB quad rank DIMMs)

Processor Socket Count: 4

Compatible Processor Series: E7-4800 v3, v4 or E7-8800 v3, v4

Number of Ram Slots: 8 risers with 12 slots each. Total 96

Hard Drive Bays: 24 2.5" drives. Up to 8 PCIe SSD's

BIOS Notes: Requires BIOS Revision 2.0 or higher to run E7-4800 v4, or E7-8800 V4 processors

E7 v3 processors only officially support 1536GB per processor installed

Dell PowerEdge R930

The Dell PowerEdge R930 is a 4U rack-mountable server featuring a quad-socket LGA-2011 motherboard. It can take E7-8800 v3, E7-8800 v4, E7-4800 v3, or E7-4800 v4 series processors. This system features eight memory risers. Two per processor. Each memory riser can hold 12 DIMMs. The risers will only address the memory if the accompanying processor is installed. Check the owner's manual in order to check which riser is associated with which processor. This system can address up to 96 sticks of 64GB dual rank RDIMMs at either 2400MHz or 2133MHz for a total of 6TB of memory. Alternately it can be installed with 128GB quad rank LRDIMMs for a total of 12TB of memory. With two added risers it can hold up to 10 PCIe devices. To use slots 6 through 10 all fours processors must be installed. It can come in a configuration with 4 2.5" hard drives or 24 2.5" hard drives. You may install up to 8 PCIe storage devices in the expansion slots in the back of the system. This system features four gigabit networking ports by default. E7 8800 v4 and E7-4800 v4 processors require BIOS revision 2.0 or higher to operate.

Overall this is an absolute beast of a machine. This single system alone can be filled with as much compute or memory or fast storage as many people's entire server rack from just two generations ago.

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