Dell PowerEdge R420


Max Ram Capacity: 384GB RDIMMs(12 x 32GB RDIMMs), 48GB UDIMMs (12 X 4GB)

Processor Socket Count: 2

Compatible Processor Series: One E5-1400, or two E5-2400, or E5-2400 v2 processors

Number of Ram Slots: 12

Hard Drive Bays:Up to 4 3.5" or 8 2.5" Drives

Power Consumption Config: Dual E5-2400 v2's, 12 16GB DDR3 RDIMMs, 2 15K HDD's, Dual Redundant 550W PSU's

Power Consumption Idle: 97 Watts(Estimated cost of $86.37 at $.10/Kwh for a full year)

Power Consumption Load: 183 Watts(Estimated cost of $162.95 at $.10/Kwh for a full year)

BIOS Notes: BIOS revision 2.0.21 Added support for Intel Xeon E5-2400 V2 family of processors. Added support for Windows 2012 R2 BIOS revision 1.4.6 Updated the maximum supported frequency to 1600Mhz for RDIMMs and UDIMMs in both 1 DIMM per channel and 2 DIMMs per channel configurations,when operating at either 1.35V or 1.5V 16GB Quad Rank RDIMMs are not supported

Dell PowerEdge R420 The Dell PowerEdge R420 is a 1U rackmount server which comes in single or dual processor configurations. It can address up to 384GB (32GB X 12) of DDR3 RDIMMs with a max frequency of 1600 MHz or 48GB UDIMMs with a max frequency of 1600MHz. The processors that this system support includes all of the Intel Xeon One E5-1400, E5-2400, or E5-2400 v2 processors series. The R420 can be configured with up to 4 3.5" or 8 2.5" drives This system has 2 available expansion slots with the correct risers. The first slot is full-height, low profile at x16 link while the second is full-height, low profile at x16 link speed when dual processors are installed. When a single processor is installed the first slot runs at x4 speed.

The R420 can be equipped with a up to dual redundant 350W or 550W power supply. In a configuration with two E5-2400 v2, 12 16GB DDR3 RDIMMs at 1600MHz, two 300GB 15K drives and dual 550W power supplies you can expect idle power consumption to be roughly 97 watts. This will cost roughly $86.37 for a full year of idling with the national average cost of $.10/KWh. At full load you can expect power consumption of roughly 183 watts. It would cost roughly $162.95 to run the system at full load continuously for a year.

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